An unforgettable experience!

”I would love to help you optimize your success on the Danish coastline”

I offer guided fishing trips and fishing courses on the island of Zealand, Denmark. I also offer fly casting courses. I am a passionate angler with 30 years of experience on the coastlines of Denmark. Furthermore, I am a qualified and certified fishing guide from Denmark Sportfishing Association and Fishing Zealand. I also have a Master in biology.

“I do my utmost to guide you to success and a unique fishing experience”

Often you will find me on the coastline with my flyrod. Before I began fly-fishing, I was a keen and innovative angler using spinning gear. Today I make courses for anglers using both spin and flyrods.

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Certified fishing guide by Denmark Sportfishing Association and Fishing Zealand:




Niels Lagergaard Pedersen

+45 2267 7874